Day-8 of React with Me


1 min read

Building a Food App:

I started by setting up the basic layout of our app with a navbar and footer.

The Vision

Our goal is to create a user-friendly food app that allows users to browse restaurants, view menus, place orders, and track deliveries. We aim to create a responsive and visually appealing interface to enhance the user experience.

Setting Up the Project

To begin, we set up a new React project using parcel. This provides us with a basic project structure and development environment to start building our app.

Designing the Navbar

The navbar is an essential part of our app as it provides navigation links for users to browse different sections of the app. We designed a simple navbar with links to the home page, Sign in, help and cart.

The footer complements the navbar by providing additional information and links. We created a footer with links to about us, contact, and terms of service pages. We also included social media icons to encourage users to follow us on various platforms.